Tip Top Tailors Discount Deal: 20% Off!

Tip Top Tailors Discount Deal: 20% Off!

If you would like to find out how to get a 20% discount at your local Tip Top Tailors Canada… read on…Tip-TOp-Tailors

First of all, you have to call in to your local branch of Top Top Tailors. They are giving out pin numbers to sign up for this offer. Then you fill in the form online.

As you can see, you must enter the pin you were given in-store. When you sign up to the mailing list online, they will email you a free 20% discount coupon! You can then print it out and use it at your local store.

As you sign up, it also enters you into a contest to win a Ford Fusion car, so good luck with that!

(Ends 15th December 2009)


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