Tip: How to get a free Staples Coupon Code

Tip: How to get a free Staples Coupon Code

I’m sure there are many of us out there who like to nab the occasional hot deal from the Staples.ca online store. If you didn’t already know this, Staples Canada also do online coupon codes which you can use to save yourself a few bucks on your online shopping!!!

Here’s how to get the coupon codes:

Over on Staples.ca, they have a place at the bottom left where you can sign up to their email newsletters. All you have to do is subscribe. Once you are signed up, they will send you out the regular newsletters, but occasionally they also send out discount coupons, the most common being a $20 discount for a $150 spend.

For example, I happen to have a few gmail addys, a few yahoo ones, and a few from my ISP… so I signed them all up for Staples emails!! So now every week, they send me out a few Staples coupons.

When I first signed up, it actually took quite a while for the newsletters to start coming. I think it was actually a couple of months before I started to receive the free coupons. So be patient! If you sign up, they will come!

- Anna


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