Introducing Tiny Toes Interactive Dolls in Canada

Introducing Tiny Toes Interactive Dolls in Canada

What do you get if you cross Fingerlings with baby dolls? Well, the end result might look – and act – a little like these.

Tiny Toes are the latest dolls we've seen hit stores in Canada. They're available now at Toys R Us, which means the kids will probably start asking for them any day now.

Like Fingerlings, these teeny dolls come to life in your hands. They talk, toot, laugh, burp, play peek-a-boo and even blow kisses!

There are three Tiny Toes dolls available at Toys R Us. They each sell for $21.99 and have their own personality and style.

Gigglin Gabby loves to laugh, especially about pandas, her favourite animal. Ticklish Tess, on the other hand, will roll over if you tickle her toes, and she absolutely adores bunnies. And then there's Laughing Luna, who loves to have fun but is obsessed with unicorns above all else.


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