Tim Hortons Canada: $1 Cookies & All Proceeds go to Charity

Tim Hortons Canada: $1 Cookies & All Proceeds go to Charity

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A great deal is back on at Tim Hortons stores across Canada and by getting it, you can actually help others.  This week only, Tim Hortons has $1 smile cookies for sale and the proceeds will all go to various Tim Hortons charities in your community.

Each Smile cookie is just $1 and the entire dollar will go to charity, which is very rare for a company to do.

This charity event first started to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children's Hospital in Ontario back in 1996, but has since grown into a major fundraising event across North America. I love that Tim Hortons does this and I go in every year with my kids to grab our cookies.

As for which charity your donation goes to, all you have to do is click on their map and it will tell you exactly where your money will go to.  I live in Calgary Alberta and all Calgary donations will be going to the Calgary Health Trust - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This is very close to my heart since my son was a preemie and was actually there when he was born.

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