Tile Tracker Device $30 Or $100 For 5, Back To School @ Best Buy Canada

Tile Tracker Device $30 Or $100 For 5, Back To School @ Best Buy Canada

Now that school is going to be starting up again it's the perfect place to be use the Tile tracker device for a variety of items. In Elementary school a handheld electronic game can make it back from the playground. In Junior High you can look after electronics, backpacks and musical instruments. In High School this can be used for sports gear, car keys and of course, a cell phone.

I like the Tile tracker so much I bought... the 4-pack of Tiles after enjoying the benefits from my first one. I also bought my dad one. (I wish I could have said I like the Tile so much that I bought the company, like those old TV ads for the razor company. I would expect it would cost too much.)

You can use the Tile to help you find items that typically go missing such as keys, wallet and remote controls.

It works 2 ways - if you lost your phone, even if it's in silent mode, the Tracker will make your phone ring so you can actually hear it! Some of those 'Find My Phone' types of apps (for both Android and iPhone) send out only a faint pinging, where you designate everyone in the house to start walking around trying to find out where the pinging sound is coming from. It's always elusive so it could literally be right under your nose until you find it.

The Tile plays a melody that gets higher pitched as it continues - it's loud enough to hear. You can also share a specific tile with others, via everyone using their own app on their phones so that each can make the item that has the tile on it play a melody. (Think of the remote control for the TV.)

The battery doesn't ever need to be charged and it stated to have around a one year battery life. This is a wonderful feature because when I had a product that was similar to this it was fine - until the batteries ran out. They ran out whenever I needed to find my keys or wallet.

The Tile can be found at a variety of retailers; usually $30 is the going rate for one. Because Best Buy is currently running an offer of $20 off of $100 when you check out with Visa checkout, (you can use ANY credit card to sign up for free for Visa Checkout, it doesn't have to be a Visa!) you can purchase a 4 pack of Tiles for $89.99 plus a single Tile for $29.99, making the entire total only $99.98 after the $20 Visa Checkout discount.

That's only $20 for each Tile. which is an amazing value!

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