TigerDirect: GE 14MP Digital Camera, 15x Zoom - $129.97

TigerDirect: GE 14MP Digital Camera, 15x Zoom - $129.97


I found this interesting deal on TigerDirect. First off, this looks remarkably like a DSLR camera to me... but evidently it isn't. What it is it seems is a remarkably good camera. This is the GE DSC-X5-BK-US-1 14MP Digital Camera with 14 Megapixels, 15x Zoom and a 2.7" LCD screen, in black.. for only $129.97, originally $195.00 (according to Amazon).

Some features it has:

  • Pan-Capture Panorama
  • Auto Scene Detection
  • Blink Detection
  • Smile Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • In-Camera Red-Eye Removal
  • High Dynamic Range

Shipping to where I live was only $6.37 so you are looking at a very reasonable total! I found the exact same camera on Amazon but even at 30% off it was still slightly more expensive than the camera on Tiger Direct with the shipping I was quoted. This camera has excellent ratings on TG, 4.5/5 stars with 35 reviews. Here is one I rather liked:

Favorite grab and run camera... my wife uses a camera with a rechargeable battery and she constantly was loosing out on good photo ops due to dead batteries. With this cam, I can buy batteries and have spares in my glove box so I can keep on shooting... plus the zoom and anti shake are phenominal.. If you don't buy this cam you are really loosing out on a good thing.

I find that one funny because I had to buy an additional rechargeable battery for my DSLR because the battery died when I wanted to take a photo, I needed a backup! :(


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