Tigerdirect Canada: 50 Killer Deals For Less Than $50

Tigerdirect Canada: 50 Killer Deals For Less Than $50


Another electronics post for you guys! This time, Tigerdirect Canada is offering 50 "killer" deals for less than $50 each. There are quite a few items to choose from, ranging from digital photo frames to bluetooth headsets.

Some examples of the hot deals:

  • Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 10- $39.97 - might be good if you do a lot of typing? Although I presonally will tell you that while it is a great program, you have to put quite a bit of effort into training it to your own style. I gave it a try once, but didn't have the patience to train it, and I think it had some trouble with my accent!
  • 750GB Seagate Hard Drive - $49.97 - great price for some extra internal hard drive space for your computer. That works out at a cost of less than $0.07 per GB of storage!
  • Motorola H715 Bluetooth Headset - $42.97 - I actually don't have a bluetooth headset for my cellphone. I don't drive much, but I reckon they would definitely be a lot handier if you were in the car a lot.
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop (Keyboard & mouse) - $32.97 - cannot really say much more about this deal, other than these cordless desktop sets are incredibly handy. I use a Logitech one in my home office, and I think the layout is very similar to this one from Tigerdirect.

There are a load more deals on the Tigerdirect page though, I've just selected a few here.

If you want to get free shipping from Tigerdirect Canada, there's a minimum spend of $100.


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