TigerDirect.ca: Great Deals on Refurbs - Tablets, Laptops, PCs and more!

TigerDirect is doing another Rockin' Refurbs event and is back with some great deals just in time for the holidays.

This deal may seem familiar to you as it is a rehash of the same sale. Basically it has the same name with new products. Some of the products are the same but the main ones are new. Here are a few of the deals:

I mentioned this the first time this refurb deal came around and I'm going to mention it again, the selection is great. Most places don't have tons of choice in refurbs but TigerDirect has enough buying power that they've apparently spammed a lot of refurbished goods. Choice is a great thing.

I want to draw your attention to some of the lower end gear here, specifically the desktops. This sale has four older model desktops. Two have Pentiums (P4 and PD) chips and two are dual core (AMD, Intel) computers. So you may think that these are old and underpowered so therefore useless. Not true. there are tons of uses out there for old computers from dumb terminals to servers and all kinds of crazy things in between. Just do a Google search and you'll find tons of stuff.

Do you have an ancient PC cranking along somewhere? What do you use it for? Let me know in the comments below and I may just use it in an upcoming article. I'll give you credit, of course!

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