Tiger Direct Canada: PC Kits on Sale + More Component Deals

Tiger Direct Canada: PC Kits on Sale + More Component Deals

Computers are going to control the world some day. I think we all know this. If you want to get on their good side, learn more about them with a PC kit from Tiger Direct.

Does anyone remember electronics kits? They still exist but I think they were more prevalent "back in the day." They were kits that came with a bunch of electronic components and gave you instructions on how to make specific circuits. They didn't help you make anything useful (usually) but they gave you a sense of how electronics worked. I'm sure some of our greatest inventions came from electrical engineers who played with these kits as children.

These PC kits are the same thing. The kits contain everything you need to put a computer together. A case, motherboards, RAM, hard drive, power supply, an optical drive and a processor. The great thing about electronics kits was that they came with everything you need in one box. With these PC kits you no longer need to worry about picking up the wrong part. It makes assembling a computer super easy and I think everyone (especially kids) should do this at least once in their lives!

If you aren't looking for the whole kit there are tons of other great components on sale!

Check out the component clearance @ TigerDirect.ca now

Did you have an electronics kit as a kid? Any fellow Electrical Engineers out there who were inspired by an electronics kit? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 30th May 2013)


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