Threadless Tees By Twitter!

Threadless Tees By Twitter!

There’s big news from 2 sites beginning with ‘T’ that I really like! Threadless and Twitter! Threadless are making twitter tees!! They’ve set up a thingy on their site which lets you submit tweets as tees, and people vote on the submissions. The tweettees with the most votes in a week get made into proper threadless tees!

There are some pretty good ones so far, considering it’s only been up and running for a few weeks. How about “In space no one can hear you tweet” or “Having an iphone has completely changed the way I poop.”

If you use Twitter, you can submit tweets to threadless and you can win up to $500! If you submit your own tweet, that could get you the max prize of $500. If you nominate someone else’s tweet, you could win $140. I’m off to twitter to see who I can nom!

Here is a pic of some of my own Threadless tee collection (click for larger):

As you can see, there are 16 tees in that picture of mine. Plus, there are another 10 or more in the laundy pile, ready to be washed! I’m a huge Threadless fan. I’m also a pretty big twitter fan, so this is a great combination for me!

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