Threadless: Shop on your Phone, get 20% Off

Threadless: Shop on your Phone, get 20% Off


Threadless has gone mobile, and if you shop Threadless on your smart phone you will get 20% off your purchase! What a gread deal for just changing the mechanism you use to shop.

I contacted them and asked if this would work for iPads. Threadless replied:

Yep, any mobile device that auto connects to mobile versions of sites should work just fine! :)

Which is cool, because I don't have a smart phone. It isn't exactly dumb... but just not quite as 'intelligent' as the other phones out there!

My suggestion if your device is tiny is to pick out your items first, and then just search for them when you use your mobile device. Will make everything quicker. Right now they are offering $10 international shipping on orders over $50!


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  • Anna
    Just made an order, got $4 off a $20 t-shirt :)
    • Avigayil
      When they had some of the Select stuff on sale I got the 20% off it.. was so sweet.