Threadless: Back to Old School Sale

Threadless: Back to Old School Sale


A Threadless Sale! How I love these! This sale is sporting $10 tees and $30 hoodies! Shipping is, a flat $10 for international (meaning to Canada) and there is no duty. Threadless is one of those few US companies we just can't help blogging about because their shipping is reasonable, their deals are good and their product is sweet!

We love Threadless for the unique way their shirts say the perfect things! Or don't say the perfect things, your choice!

Here are some cool shirts to feast your eyeballs on:

Threadless shirts are just so wicked! I own four! Anna owns.. what, like 15? I forget! :-D

Sale ends August 26, 2010


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    "i Luv ipad"
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      I pad please let me win you
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        The name EMILY - It’s in honor of her grandmother whom she shares her middle name with.