Threadless: All T-Shirts Only $15!

Threadless: All T-Shirts Only $15!

Wrap your torso in awesome shirts from Threadless for only $15 each!

I've spoken about Threadless before and how they make clothes that run a huge range. You can get something funny, goofy, weird, beautiful, whatever. They make all kinds of clothes with their designs but t-shirts are (I think) what they started with. At least their t-shirts are what I know them for. The sale is on all of their shirts so you have your pick. I saw three just on the front page that I liked quite a bit.

A bit of a trend here with the pricing. Seems a lot of them are $19.50 to start so you're saving about 25%. I'm sure some are more or less than $19.50 though so your savings may vary. Pretty good deal!

Shipping is about $9 depending on where you live and prices are in USD.

What Threadless design do you like the best? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 28th May 2013)


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    Get the untracked shipping! It's faster and you won't pay customs.