Threadless: All T-shirts $12 USD Today Only!

Threadless: All T-shirts $12 USD Today Only!


Get any t-shirt Threadless has for $12! Be quick, though, it ends tonight!

Threadless has a bunch of awesome t-shirts but it's usually hard for me to justify getting them. The shirts usually hover around $20 and shipping is $9,99. That makes it $30 for one shirt. If you get two or three shirts at a time, the shipping per shirt isn't too bad. But then you're buying $70 worth of shirts. I'm lucky if I spend $70 on new clothes for myself in the run of a year. With this sale, even if you get get one shirt, it's only $21.99. That's pretty much normal price for a shirt.

Threadless really has a staggering number of cool designs, not just regurgitated jokes for a Will Farrell movie with some generic art. There is some pop-culture stuff but you can also get really beautiful art like All of Time and Space or something to make you laugh  like twoT-Rex' trying to hug or Omnomnomnivore. There really is something for everyone here and for $12, well, how sweet a deal is that?

All prices are in USD. If you add a bunch of shirts or live in a tree house in Nunavut, you might be charged more for shipping.

The deal is only for 24 hours and I got the email at about 2:30AM ET. I'm going to assume that means the deal ends around that time on the 2nd April 2014.


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