Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar $45 @ Canada Toy Supply

Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar $45 @ Canada Toy Supply

That's right. I am saying it. Christmas is coming - and we have to prepare ourselves with advent calendars, gifts, cute decorations and more. I may have just found the mother of all advent calendars - get your hands on the Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar for $44.80 at Canada Toy Supply while supplies last.

This isn't your typical advent calendar with the cheap, tiny pieces of chocolate for each day of December, it is much better. This calendar has 24 different Thomas & Friends MINIS engines behind every single door, and none are the same. You'll even get six exclusive Christmas themed engines inside that you couldn't get from the little surprise bags you see for these guys. Thomas fanatic children are going to love this calendar, but I wouldn't suggest it for children under 3 years of age because they are quite tiny.

Shipping will vary depending on your address. My shipping quote in the Greater Toronto Area is $15 - but by the looks of it you're not going to find this calendar elsewhere right now.


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  • Barb W.

    Oh, just checked the price.......wish I had the money

    • Angelmf

      Walmart has them in store in my area 

      • Melanie B.

        Already bought the Lego one

        • Eva F.

          We got a couple of these for his birthday but quickly discovered that Autumn likes to put the whole thing in her mouth :( it looks awesome though

          • Zsofia D.

            Haven't thought of that. You are right. Maybe next year if the Thomas fever is still around.

            • Eva F.

              he's starting to move onto dinosaurs so maybe we'll do something with that.