Bluetooth Headphones for as Low as $20 Bluetooth Headphones for as Low as $20
The single best thing I've done as far as listening to audio, is get some bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately for me, I bought them for my wife. Anywho, I ended up buying a set for myself a couple of days ago so I'm just waiting on them. So that leaves YOU. The Source has the goods and Bargainmoose has the deal to make you happy and wire free.

There are four headsets on sale. Two of the deals are pretty good:

And there are two deals that aren't that great. These items are available other places for cheaper but I thought I'd add them in here just in case someone has a gift card from The Source, wants the convenience of having the item delivered to their nearest locations or being able to return it or get support at a store. Or maybe you just love The Source, I'm not here to judge. Anywho, here they are:

I'm just going to talk about the first two headsets as the second two aren't really fantastic deals. The headphones we are looking at are insanely cheap but they are that way for a reason.

Even at full price, compared to other bluetooth headsets at full price, they are a fair amount cheaper. This is because Nexxtech and Headrush are essentially no name brands. Nexxtech is a store brand for The Source and, from my few seconds poking around Google, I can only see Headrush being sold at The Source or other stores that sell through The Source. That's ok, there are a lot of great uses for these.

First off is the people who can't afford it. Times are tough, a lot of people don't have much money and when comparing dropping $50+ on headphones or spending $50+ on groceries or diapers, headphones lose. Deals like this are fantastic for people who just couldn't afford it otherwise.

The second big case is completely against the first one, but it's for throw-aways. If you are prone to breaking stuff, grab a set of these. It's especially useful for someone camping, hiking, biking, climbing, etc... If you're going to pull off that sweet dyno you don't want to worry about losing your $70 headphones. Also good for kids. If your kids are prone to breaking things, this is a good opportunity to get them some wireless audio for cheap and not have to worry about them getting broken.

(Nexxtech expires: 15th August 2012)

(Other headphones expire: 29th August 2012)


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