The Ultimate Gift Original Storm Trooper Decanter @

The Ultimate Gift Original Storm Trooper Decanter @

A friend of mine is pretty awe-stricken with this Original Storm Trooper Decanter which is clearly the ultimate gift for a man. It can hold 750 ml of um, wine!! So maybe this is not just for men. Hmm...

Surely I jest. This is a formidable decanter clearly earmarked for the finest of whiskey and scotch. Or is it? Interestingly enough, one bottle of wine will fit perfectly.

I searched high and low for it to have this decanter shipped to Canada. Turns out, will ship it to Canada and with all import fees included, your total cost will be around $57.59 CAD (calculated at today's exchange rate; it will vary.)

Shipping is usually fairly quick from the UK but this item, which is sold and fulfilled by doesn't ship out for 1 - 3 weeks. The estimated time of arrival for me is Nov. 3 - 15, plenty of time for Christmas!


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  • Jennifer I.

    you guys need to get these.

    • AngryCanadian

      Apparently they will not ship to Canada anymore. I ordered this on on Oct 16 and it was finally supposed to be shipped Dec 3rd. According to the page now, they do not ship to Canada!!! I'm furious with the lack of customer service and severe lack of communication! Will provide a US address so they better get it to me before Xmas!