The Time For Wine Is Now With This Skybar Wine Accessory Under $7 @

The Time For Wine Is Now With This Skybar Wine Accessory Under $7 @

Sometimes when you bring over a bottle of wine for a host or hostess they are so busy running around that they may not even have the time to put the wine in the fridge. Or, they may not even have spare room in the fridge since it's packed with the makings of a dinner party.

This Skybar sleek and chic looking wine holder for travelling is actually a cooler too, keeping your pre-chilled wine chilled for up to two hours. The Skybar is equipped with a hard plastic shell, so you can travel with the wine being protected! Insulated foam inside of the hard shell is what keeps the wine chilled. This will also fit champagne and sparkling wine bottles.

With the regular price being around $19 elsewhere for these cute little Skybar Wine holders, the price at of $9.37 for the orange shade, or better yet, $6.62 for the red colour, makes it even more tempting to buy one or two! (The remaining colours on are priced at $20.)

Obviously, if you hand over the wine to your hostess at a dinner party in this Skybar, you likely will need to 'gift' them with this, too—you may want to buy several at this price so that you have a couple to keep for yourself!

Shipping starts at $5.25, or is free for orders over $25 on eligible Amazon products.

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