The Source: Trade Up Program

The Source: Trade Up Program

The Source has a really interesting trade in and trade up program where you can give them your old electronics for a The Source Gift Card. This offer is available on cell phones, laptops/netbooks, tablets, eReaders, GPS units, digital cameras, camcorders, ipods/mp3 players, gaming consoles and video games.

I for one like this idea. A lot of places will just do cell phones, or iPods but that leaves a lot of electronic older models lounging around home doing nothing when we upgrade. This is a great way to get a little extra for your older models and reduce the clutter!

Trade-Up & Save is a convenient recycling program that gives you back a The Source Gift Card for your used devices-so you can upgrade to what you really want! Whether you're looking to upgrade your smartphone to a smarter phone or that laptop to a tablet, we give you an instant estimate of your device you want to trade in. In exchange for eligible devices, you'll get a The Source Gift Card that can be used towards your next purchase in-store or online. All electronics received by The Source will be recycled or reconditioned.

And if your electronic device has no 'value' they will recycle it for free. :-)


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  • Val
    Its a great idea...BUT the pricing is so off...could probably get a few buck more on kijiji and cash in pocket kwim...kudo's to them for recycling for free though...I might just have to bring my box of "electronics" and drop it off!! :)