The Source: Supertooth Disco 3 Wireless Speaker $49.99 & Free Shipping

The Source: Supertooth Disco 3 Wireless Speaker $49.99 & Free Shipping


The Source has a nice deal on the Supertooth Disco 3 wireless speaker that not only looks great, but will also blast your music from here to infinity. The source has the Supertooth Disco 3 speakers on sale for $49.99, when they regularly retail for $79.99. Even better, you will receive free shipping as your cart costs over $20.

You do have some choices here. There are three colours included in this sale:

These portable speakers come equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 with 12 Watts RMS. They have two speakers on the front and a bass system on the back of the unit. Stream your music to the device wirelessly for hours of enjoyment. The battery is rechargeable making it easy to maintain your unit without having to spend extra money on batteries.

Now, it is hard to do thorough price comparing when looking at wireless speakers, as they seem to be sold almost everywhere. However, I did check out some of the main competitors and here is what they are selling this unit for:

  • $73.20 @ Amazon Canada
  • $69.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $79.99 @ Staples Canada

I will admit that my idea of a wireless speaker probably retails upwards of $200. However, my budget does not always match what I want so I actually own a speaker that retailed for under $100 *ye gasp!*. The quality is rather good and I am very happy with being able to transport the speaker with me. I like listening to my music when I am in a hotel, visiting family, or just around the house. The wireless speaker is far better than my computer's speakers are and I can take just the speaker into the bathroom while I have a bath instead of taking my phone.

While there are not many reviews on our websites, RoundReviews in the UK had this to say:

the Disco 3 is competitively priced and is definitely up there with the similarly priced speakers. Overall it performs well in all areas and with a nice range of colours to choose from it’ll appeal to most people. The battery life of this device is also something to point out as its very impressive lasting up to 15 hours on a medium volume.

This portable speaker also looks cool. For tones that are more neutral, you will want to stick with grey. I rather like the honey colours as they certainly got it right! It reminds me of my beeswax candles that I burn while I have a bath. The glow is that fiery yellow.

(Expiry: 26th November 2014)


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