The Source: Sony SRSX7 Wireless Wi-fi Speaker (Refurb) Only $130 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

The Source: Sony SRSX7 Wireless Wi-fi Speaker (Refurb) Only $130 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


The Source Canada has an excellent deal on a refurbished Sony SRS-X7 wireless speaker with Wi-Fi. Originally $199.99 for the refurbished model, the speaker is now on sale for $129.98 with free shipping.

Now, that $70 discount may not seem so much but there is a missing piece to this puzzle. As I specified above... the $199.99 is the original price for the refurbished model - NOT for the actual speaker itself. You can score a $300 speaker system for only $130 with this deal! Let me show you the retail price for this unit elsewhere:

Cost of non-refurbished model at other online retailers:

  • $219.99 @ Dell Canada
  • $299.99 @ The Source Canada
  • $301.36 @ Amazon Canada
  • $299.99 @ Sony Store Canada
  • $299 @ (OOS)

When Best Buy sold this unit, it went on sale a few times but never dipped below the $200 range in my memory. I have been pretty aware of price fluctuations in this unit as I wanted to buy it for ages. However, I wanted a unit for $200 or less and this model never dropped that low. I ended up buying the Sony SRSX5 - the middle child of this series. I am quite pleased with my speaker but the big boy does sound better.

Things I really like:

  • About a six hour battery once you unplug it from the cord
  • Great size and sleek appearance
  • This baby brings the base - my speaker literally vibrates
  • This unit is heavy - it does not easily fall over and it is not for transporting in a back pack.

This is an excellent house unit that can be unplugged and moved from room to room while running on battery. The sleek appearance really sold me on this unit as well as the good sound. The only one better would be a Bose unit. The SRSX7 model can connect to your Wi-Fi for sharing the speaker between devices. It will also connect via Bluetooth and aux cable. You can use the speaker for call conferencing - which is cool. One reviewer on Sony said:

Had this unit a month now and you cannot go wrong with this one playing in your home. Even at very low volume the bass still sounds good without pounding the speakers. It has a lot of wireless ways to connect to it to make this very portable to use around the house or outside

I have my Sony SRSX5 (the smaller model) paired with both my cell phone and my computer. While I cannot figure out how to get Skype conversations to go across the speaker (computer's fault I am sure), I love listening to my music on the external speaker.

Given that this speaker retails for around $300, spending $130 on a refurbished model is such a sweet offer!

(Expiry: 15th July 2015)


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