The Source: Roxy Reference Earbuds for $8.96

The Source: Roxy Reference Earbuds for $8.96


Last week Anna posted about the source having Roxy Reference Headphones on for an amazing deal! Well I was shopping around The Source and discovered they also have the Roxy Reference Earbuds on for 67% off! Originally priced at $29.99 you can now grab them for only $9.96 - or only $8.86 if you use The Source promo code TS828.

You can check out the earbuds in either Blue/Green or Pink/Orange. I personally like the blue/green ones, but everyone has their preference.

I decided to post these because I had realization on the bus the other day that except for the odd set of headphones (I tend to be the only one wearing them) almost everyone wears earbuds. I guess because they are so easily transportable. So when I saw this I thought our non-headphone wearing readers might like to know.

There aren't any reviews on The Source Canada yet for these earbuds so I went abroad. They have a 3/5 ranking on with just 2 reviews. If you are looking for something stylish and want to save some money check out these earbuds.

Remember, you can pick up in store!


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