The Source: Nexxtech Laptop Cooling Stand $14.99 (Full price $34.99)

The Source: Nexxtech Laptop Cooling Stand $14.99 (Full price $34.99)

The Source has an special offer for this handy Nexxtech Laptop Cooling Stand. Not only does it have fans that cool your laptop - they work by plugging the stand into a usb port on your computer, but it also has the ability to elevate your computer to a desired viewing angle! Compatible with Macs and PCs. The special price is $14.99, after it will go up to $34.99.


  • five adjustable stand levels
  • two 7cm quiet, high-volume fans
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • the stand lies completely flat against cooling base
  • works with any laptop
  • powered by USB
  • has an on and off switch

Free pickup is available in store. :-)

I personally believe a cooling pad is certainly worth the expense. My laptop is constantly on it's cooling pad and it is a life saver when one plays games for 8 hours strait: on a bed, pillow, couch, or other fabric that is not conducive to great air flow!


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  • angela
    I've actually tried this one - I didn't care for the noise.
    • Antoine
      Tried it. It makes a bit of noise, you will have a hard time sleeping in the same room when it's on.