The Source: Monster Home Theater PowerCenter $44.49 (Save $135.50)

The Source: Monster Home Theater PowerCenter $44.49 (Save $135.50)


The Source is offering a Monster 121566 Home Theater PowerCenter HTFS 450 with HD Clean Power for $44.49, originally priced at $179.99. It is a surge protector for your valuable devices, and a whole lot more! See description below.

It is today's daily deal, so you have until midnight EST to get this item. I know very little about good quality surge protectors, probably something I should be more familiar with since we have a PS3 and a flat screen TV though. Here is what this baby is all about:

Equipped with Monster's High definition clean power stage one circuitry filter this surge protector dramatically reduces electronic noise for the clearest signal possible. The compact design has low profile side-entry outlets to let you put it virtually anywhere you want. You can mount it on the wall or rest it behind your HDTV. It has two colour coded AC outlets (1 HDTV, 1 Spare) as well as a coaxial in and out connection for your satellite, antenna, or cable TV. Outfitted with Dual Mode Plus® surge protection is a power surge was to ever happen the HTFS 450 would automatically disconnect both AV components and sound an alarm letting you know a surge has hit. The HTFS 450 even has SurgeGuard™, which dissipates harmful power surges with 4320 joules of protection.

I did a price comparison, and on you are looking at $124.95 for the same item.


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