The Source: Headrush Earbuds 50% Off (Now $9.99)

The Source: Headrush Earbuds 50% Off (Now $9.99)


The source has put a nice selection of headrush earbuds on sale, Usually $19.99 these are on sale for $9.99 giving you 50% off. You can get them in a ton of colours to match your outfits: cashmere, blue, blackout, pink, orange, green and apple.

As usual with The Source, get free shipping to your local Source. I have never tried these earbuds but they have pretty good reviews, 4 - 5 out of 5 stars for all of the ones rated so far. Here is the one review that was left:

I bought these at a store away from home when I forgot my Skull Candies and I found I like these a LOT better. Great sound and no noise from the cord. They fit my ear better too. Great buy.


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