The Source: Centrios Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Save $150 (now $99.99)

The Source: Centrios Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Save $150 (now $99.99)


The Source is offering a pair of Centrios Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers for $99.99, original price $249.99. They are 'weatherproof' so great for outdoors and throw enough sound to enjoy outside. They are also great for in home use, stick one in your living room and one in the bedroom, or wherever else you would like music. They can operate up to 45 meters or 150 feet away from the transmitter.

Evidently these will transmit sound from your TV, stereo or just about any device that emits sound.

There is a difference between the grey and the black: the black specifically says they are 900MHz while the grey does not specify.

I LOVE wireless speakers. I had a set a couple years ago that was fab. I would put one of the speakers in the bathroom so that I could have wonderful music while I had my nice bubble baths. Was the best! If I didn't have an iHome system I would be purchasing these in a heartbeat... I miss having sound all over the house without having to crank up my system.


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  • Larissa
    Hi there! Does anyone know what type of connection cable I would need to hook these up to an ipod dock? Or I guess another way to ask this, where does it plug in on an ipod dock? Just making sure it will work for me. Thanks! :) PS: When reading the reviews, I noticed the Black ones are much better!!
    • Avigayil
      On my ipod dock it has connections at the back kind of like a tv. Check if yours has any opening at the back besides for the AV. From what I read it comes with the cables like the red white and yellow for tvs, not sure what else.
      • Larissa
        I bought them! They will work :) Thanks so much for your response!
    • Pierrette F.
      I have the centrios speakers that come in silver or black. I have the black ones. The round part that makes them wireless is not working. Can I buy just that part? can I get that part fixed? what kind of shop would do that?
      • Pauline R.
        i lost the transmiter when i moved ,,can i order that part
        • Anna W.
          Not from us... please contact the manufacturer.
      • Richard
        Hi , I need a remote for mine... Does anyone sell parts or this product anywhere in Canada Thanks Richard.
        • Naibob

          I have a set of the silver speakers have been used outside maybe 3 or 4 times. We are downsizing, the, speakers have been stored inside, and I am going to put them on Kijiji for $50. Interested???