The Source Canada: Total Chef Double Chocolate Fountain Was $120 | Now $80 (EXPIRED)

The Source Canada: Total Chef Double Chocolate Fountain Was $120 | Now $80 (EXPIRED)


If you are looking for a unique gift for friends or family or a fun way to entertain at a party, The Source has a great deal for you. Get the Total Chef double chocolate fountain in stainless steel for only $79.99, with a regular price of $119.99. This item will also ship for free as it is over the $25 minimum. It will also get to you before Christmas, as detailed on the shipping page for The Source, who has super fast shipping. You will be able to use it for your Christmas dessert!

I'm thinking of getting one of these chocolate fountains for my family for New Year's Eve. The kids would absolutely love it, because really, who says no to flowing and delicious chocolate? You can dip fruit and other snacks into the chocolate, which is sort of like fondue, but so much better. Considering fondue machines run into the $50 price range, this item for $80 seems like so much a better choice.

If you are getting married soon, this would also be a fun way to do dessert. Just keep the bride far away from it as I once saw a photo of a bride splattered in the chocolate fountain that another guest knocked down. I don't think that is a possibility if everyone is careful, but if you've got bad luck like I do, keep your white wedding dress far from the flowing dark chocolate!

This would make a unique gift for a new bride and groom or at a wedding shower.

You can melt 2lbs of chocolate per side, which doesn't sound like a lot of chocolate - I could eat that in one sitting. Ok, I'm not being serious there, but 4lbs of chocolate should definitely feed all of your guests!

You could do one side dark and one side milk or one side white chocolate or one side dark chocolate. The bowls are also heated so your chocolate stays melted, because there is nothing worse than half-melted chocolate for dipping, which is the problem I sometimes get with fondues.

Home Depot sells this for $119.95 and Best Buy sells it for $91.98.

Photo credit: Theen Moy

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