The Source Canada: Fluid FLD2810 28" 720p LED HDTV (Refurbished) | $188 Value Now $120 (EXPIRED)

The Source Canada: Fluid FLD2810 28" 720p LED HDTV (Refurbished) | $188 Value Now $120 (EXPIRED)

Fluid 28 Inch TV

Good morning, Moosers! The Source is having a pretty sweet deal on their refurbished Fluid FLD2810 28" 720p LED HDTV, which you can now buy for just $119.99! What makes this deal enticing is that you'll also qualify for free shipping - 120 bucks for a 28-inch TV set isn't a bad deal!

This Fluid FLD2810 28" 720p LED HDTV is a very nice deal. The fact that it's an LED TV makes this an interesting deal. I always found LED TVs to be much more vibrant than LCD televisions, and when I first saw them displayed in a Future Shop near my home about 5 years ago, I was blown away! Being able to get a 28" LED TV for only $119.99 is quite a steal - whether it's refurbished or not.

If you already have a big screen TV in your living room, then this Fluid FLD2810 28" 720p LED HDTV can easily compliment your bedroom, other rooms, or your basement. If your kids have been really good lately, maybe you can also surprise them with this TV during the holidays so they can have a nice flat screen television to play their video games on! This may not be a 1080p TV, but for this price, you can't go wrong - especially when it's an LED HDTV.

If you were to purchase an RCA 28" LED from WalMart, it would cost you $188. I've included a snippet of a review for a similar Fluid 28" HDTV from a satisfied The Source customer below:

We bought two of these Fluid 28" tvs for two bedrooms. Very pleased with their picture quality and performance. 

This is a clearance sale, so it won't be around for very long. Happy hunting, my fellow deal hunters! I hope you all enjoy your day today!

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  • galpal
    they also have the Fluid 28" TV Refurbished with built in DVD player for $119 that's a better deal. I got one for my kids for Christmas. Thanks for posting.
    • STEVE G.
      i bought this fluid 28 about 4 months ago ,and was suprised by the awesome picture and sound...did a couple adjustements, this tv/monitor is awesome ..i using it right now as a monitor, and surfing the net, watching cnn news, and posting this comment,,,,p.s: i bought a lasource at $ 99 dollars..with free shipping.....STEVEN
      • Toby
        I need help with setting up the TV because I bought xbox one and that's not working on it