The Source: 80% Off Fusion 8 & 10 Outlet Surge Protectors

The Source: 80% Off Fusion 8 & 10 Outlet Surge Protectors

Electronics are not cheap: however these surge protectors are now: so protect your expensive toys with a little help from Fusion Surge Protectors at The Source Canada. Originally $99.99 a power bar, these surge protectors are now marked down to a healthy $19.96 each!

You have a choice between these 2 kits:

  • Fusion 8 Outlet Surge Protector + Bonus Pack - pictured on the right
    Details: It has 8 outlets with protective covers to keep out dust, dirt, or other foreign objects. It has 3 wide-spaced outlets that allow 3 AC adapters to be plugged in without covering other available outlets; 1-in, 2-out phone jack that provides dual protection for multiple phone devices (1 phone cable included); and 2 coax connections that protect your satellite or cable from harmful surges (1 coax cable included). The bonus pack includes: 6 outlet Fusion power bar.


  • Fusion 10 Outlet Surge Protector - pictured on the left
    Details: Keep your electronics safe from power surges and fluctuations with the Fusion's 3600-joules surge protector. Ideal for small appliances, audio/video equipment, satellite, computers, cable devices, and telephone/fax/modem/DSL devices you can use this anywhere in your house. Comes with a $70,000 connected equipment guarantee and 6 feet telephone cable and two 3 feet coaxial cables.

Each only $19.96, 80% off. A VERY good deal if I may say so myself. :-) Not sure when the deal ends.


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