The Source: 12ft Nexxtech HDMI Cables only $29.99 ($80 off)

The Source: 12ft Nexxtech HDMI Cables only $29.99 ($80 off)


The Source is offering $80 off 12 foot HDMI cables. These cables are great for connecting your HD TV to your Blu-Ray input, whether that be a DVD player or a PS3, or whatever you have. These cables usually run $109.99, and are now on for $29.99!

My hubby and I just got 8 ft HDMI cables, and now our PS3 is responding with correct ratio to the TV and everything is much faster. They are a worthwhile investment, hands down. On The Source these cables have two reviews, both for 5 stars...

Great service, great price. What more could I want?

Excellent top quality product. Great value for the money. It only cost me $35 special promo sale. Even $50 sale price is worth the money for a V1.4 with ARC and in 12foot length

I totally agree. If you think 12 ft is a bit long, they do have 8ft Nexxtech cables for the same price, $29.99, $60 off their original price in this sale as well. The 12ft ones are just a bit better deal.


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  • Nick They are still about 20$ too much.
    • Avigayil
      Thanks for the link, cool website. However, the cable you linked to is a Version 1.3 cable.. which is different. The cable above is a Version 1.4 Cable. This probably will not affect older HDTV units, but I'm not sure how it will affect newer ones. I hear 1.4 units are mostly backwards compatible except for some special features. Hmm.. maybe I should have made mention they were V. 1.4 in the post above. O.o
    • Stephanie
      $30 is way too much for an HDMI cable. Here's a 5 m length for 11.48 with free shipping.
      • Avigayil
        Different version. The dealextreame version, though a great price isa version 1.3. The nexxtech cord is a version 1.4. For older HDMI TVs this may not make a difference.
      • wex
        I did find a 15 ft for the same price and it's 1.4. Apparently 1.4 has 4 improvements over 1.3 but the most important is the ability to handle greater bandwidth and 3D tv. To me the whole hdmi standard is a joke. The only reason that it exists is to provide copyright protection for the media corps. The first gen hdmi cables had real issues because they would not stay connected to the devices and their was really no advantage over the existiing connectivity tech of the time except it could also carry sound. Big whoop. And because they carry digital signals paying more for an hdmi cable has no benefit. Unlike analog.