The Shopping Channel: Free Shipping Section

The Shopping Channel: Free Shipping Section

Did you know that The Shopping Channel has a free shipping section where you get absolutely free shipping on over 500 items? Yup, I didn't know either.

Some of these items are also on sale - bonus! I was checking out this MOOM Organic Hair Remover but I'm not sure I could handle the pain. I would probably freeze, wait too long to remove it, and then really do some damage to my skin. Originally $19.95, it is now on sale for $14.96 with free shipping and has two great reviews!

This Wolfgang Puck 4 Piece Pie and Pastry Maker with Accessories is what everyone wants but just won't admit. Mmmmmmm... pie!!! Originally $79.99, it is now on sale for $39.66 with free shipping. I absolutely love pie but I have not made it on my own because it is just so labour intensive. This would certainly simplify the process.

There are plenty of great deals and the free shipping certainly helps out. Usually shipping costs $6.95 per item or more depending on what you are buying so you are saving a good chunk of money with this deal.

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  • K. D.
    I do not like the new screen on the Canadian shopping channel. It is hard to read and distracting, especially the running time at the top. The hosts and products are smaller and I am so focused on the left side of the screen that I am missing what they are selling. Please switch back to what has worked for years.
    • Avigayil M.
      Sorry, we are NOT The Shopping Channel. We are Just a deals blog who posts about good deals. You might want to contact The Shopping Channel directly with your concern.