The Secret Life Of Pets Mini Toys, 14 Piece Set $20.98 Incl.Ship @ Marketplace

The Secret Life Of Pets Mini Toys, 14 Piece Set $20.98 Incl.Ship @ Marketplace

Have you already taken your kids to see The Secret Life of Pets movie? I bet they thought it was the best! Wouldn't they love having a set of the movie characters so they can re-enact the movie scenes themselves?

This cute 14 piece set is selling for $14.99 and has a shipping charge of $5.99 as it is sold through Marketplace Seller oh yes. The price works out to only $1.50 per character. This product is not one you'll see in stores, either.

I once bought an entire Hello Kitty collection for my daughter and would bring out the mini figurines bit by bit, as a surprise! She loved it. One morning, she would just find one sitting by her cereal bowl. Or sitting on her toothbrush, etc.

You know what else this would be great in? A do-it-yourself Advent calendar using this figures as the surprise! Kids love surprises like that and the kids would be so excited every day to see what character they get. In between the characters, (since there are 14 characters) you could use candy. We dislike the square waxy chocolates with such a bland taste in the traditional Advent calendars. So much better to use your own.

The shipping cost is $5.99 as mentioned above, and the shipping time will likely take a few weeks, when I have mine in my cart, the estimated arrival time is around Sept. 15 - Oct. 3.


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