Oodie Wearable Blankets are Marked Down!

It's a sweater, it's a blanket, it's ... The Oodie
Oodie Wearable Blankets are Marked Down!

Remember when the Snuggie first came out? Just about everybody I knew was opening one as a gag gift over Christmas that year. My mom unwrapped one, and we actually both ended up using it pretty often, especially when we had movie nights in the winter. There was just one problem. You couldn't really wrap up your entire body in one – and that's where a new wearable blanket comes in handy.

You might have seen ads for The Oodie on your Facebook page, and after a few popped up in my feed, I had to check these things out for myself. These fuzzy little hugs became a massive bestseller in Australia and are now sold in select countries around the world, including Canada. Their prices are a little steep, but at least some of you have to agree with me that something this warm and cozy is a household essential.

Each Oodie is basically a combination of a sweater and a blanket. I categorized it as both a "home" product and a kind of "clothing," because these things are honestly both. Basically, it boils down to a giant, super-soft hoodie that comes in a few different colours and patterns and even HAS POCKETS!

The Oodie is a one-size-fits-all fashion statement, and you'll save a bundle if you order their Twin Pack for you and a bestie (at $138 from $198) or a Family Pack of four (which is now $198, instead of the usual $396). To score either of those discounts, make sure you enter the promo code NEWYEARS at checkout.

You can choose the colour for each one, and there are some pretty ridiculous patterns in the mix, too. I personally love the corgi one (and who wouldn't?), but there are even pizza and garlic bread options! And since one on its own would normally cost you $99, this deal is WAY too good to pass up.

But if all you need is one hooded blanket, you're still in luck! You can apply that same promo code to score, for example, the Pink Oodie at $20 off the usual price! That means it's just $79, instead of $99.

The Oodie is machine-washable, so long as you use a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. To preserve the fluffiness, you might want to hand-wash your Oodie in cold water instead. Shipping is FREE across Canada.

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