The LEGO Home Alone House Set Is Coming To Canada

... and there's even a Kevin Minifigure!
The LEGO Home Alone House Set Is Coming To Canada

This LEGO Ideas Home Alone House is literally all our Christmas wishes come true. You can't buy it yet, but when you can it'll be priced at $349.99. It's officially released on November 1, 2021 and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

LEGO Home Alone House Canada

The LEGO Home Alone House Is Coming Soon!

The LEGO Home Alone House is phenomenal. From the structure of the house to the details - it's as spectacular as the Christmas movie itself.

It's even got those best bits from Home Alone incorporated into the McCallister's home, those torturous booby traps - and you even get those pesky burglars "The Wet Bandits" Harry and Marv in Minifigure form.

This set is huge and incredible at 3955 pieces plus 5 LEGO Minifigures: Kevin, Harry, Marv, Mom Kate McCallister and neighbour ‘Old Man’ Marley.

The LEGO Home Alone House Is Coming Soon!

It's not just the McCallister mansion you can build, but the tree house and the Wet Bandits' van also.

The walls and roof open up so you get inside, and this is where things get really awesome... there's the swinging paint can, a light up basement furnace, and a lever that pushes Kevin down the stairs on a sled.

Oh and there's even a zip line for Kevin to escape to the tree house. What isn't in this LEGO Ideas set isn't in the movie. The creators have even made it so that the build order of the set follows that of the movie plot.

Now that is very clever.


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