The Great Courses: 70% Off Bestselling Courses

The Great Courses: 70% Off Bestselling Courses

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If your new year's resolution is to take a course, better yourself or just read more, you should check out The Great Courses. They have hundreds of courses offered at great prices, with something for everyone. Right now they have a sale with up to 70% off their 154 best selling courses.

What do you want to learn about? I have to admit that I loved school (after high school that is). I love to learn new things and I even love writing essays. What can I say, I'm a writer, and having a brain filled with knowledge brings me joy. I'm considering taking one of these Great Courses in my free time, just for fun, but they would also be helpful to learn specific skills for a job or to complement your education. As a writer, these courses are great in learning about a specific topic that I may want to include in a story, which I may not know much about.

Some I'm considering:

There are a few ways you can get your courses. The least expensive option is an audio download and then CD and DVD is the most expensive option and then video download. If you don't mind just listening to your course, you'll pay less money. If you want the full experience in a DVD or video download format, you'll pay a bit more for these.

Also, if you opt for the download option, you won't pay shipping. To get it shipped, because it ships from the U.S., the rates are high and start at $25 for orders under $100. You may also have to pay duty on this so your best bet is to download.

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