The Gap 1969 Jeans Secret Discount

The Gap 1969 Jeans Secret Discount


Bargainmooser Avigayil has emailed me information about a deal on jeans from The Gap.

I will paste Avigayil's words in here so you can see the exact terms of the deal:

Sooo.. I went into my local gap store.. (went into 2 of them to be exact)... and they are having a cool promotion right now.. that goes till (and including) Wednesday. Basically if you buy a pair of 1969 jeans (which is their main brand of jeans) you get a scratch card that gets you $15, $20 or $25 off the said pair of jeans.
I LIVE off their line of curvy jeans so when I saw the sign outside I went in. I ended up getting $20 off my jeans (which is a decent discount when their jeans are $70).

So evidently the promotion ends this Wednesday!

Sounds good to me! If you're also a fan of jeans from The Gap, then this would be a great time to browse.


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  • Cindy
    totally love the curvy jeans too, thanks for sharing!