The Entertainment Book 2011

The Entertainment Book 2011

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I know there are a lot of lovers of The Entertainment Book here on Bargainmoose, so here's a quick post to tell you that the Entertainment Book 2011 is now available to buy!

The deal they are doing to celebrate the launch is free shipping. Usually you have to pay a few bucks extra for shipping, so this is a handy deal to start with.

For this new edition of the book, you'd expect to pay $35 to $50 as a starting price. In the past, we saw last year's Entertainment Book priced as little as $15, but that was right at the end of the year, when there was only a few months left to make use of the book. But if you're buying the 2011 Entertainment book now, it lasts for ages - until November 2011, I believe.

Did anyone make use of the 2010 Entertainment Book? Was it worth the money?


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  • misskitty_79
    I ordered the Toronto book last year, back when it was only $15, but they charged me for two & only sent me one, so I may as well have bought it at the beginning of the year. Not that I used a single coupon out of the whole thing! There was an entire section for golf (which I don't do) & there were a ton of fastfood restaurant coupons, most of which were for places that were either out of the way or geared toward people w/ children. I never did my money back.
    • Anna
      No way! Did you email customer service?
    • K
      They sent my book (at $12) to the wrong address, in the wrong city, but eventually sent me another one after I brought the missing book to their attention. Many coupons in the Toronto (GTA?) book are for Pickering, Brampton, Oshawa, even Niagara Falls. However, I did get my money back with just one coupon I used at lunch. It's a great purchase once the price drops to about $20.
      • Janet
        I always get a book from whichever, niece, nephew or little cousin gets to me first with their fundraising request. My family always bought and supported me when I was in school fundraising so I give back to my family now. I get the book for the same $35 (no shipping) and the school or team usually gets $15-20 of that money. I do use as many of the coupons as I can to pay for the book as early as I can. I also rip out the ones I would never use and leave them in the kitchen in my office for whichever taker wants them.
        • Selmada
          I always get the book from someone around who is fundraising. I normally pay about $35 for it. I always use all the safeway coupons, which total $30 so it doesn't take much more before the book pays for itself without me buying things I dont need or going out to eat more than I should. But I also use it to pick new places to try out. Getting a discount makes it less painful if the place is a bust.
          • Pamela
            Entertainment books are great for couples, being single I find little use for it. Its too heavy to carry around (great for glove compartments in cars) I have had them for years and wind up giving the coupons out or leaving it in the building lobby in October for those that can use it.
            • karen
              I bought one in the past and barely used anything out of it, so it was a total waste of money. I think you have to seriously think about if you will actually use the coupons before you buy it, because the chances are you may use them, but I think it is a big waste of money personally!
              • Christine S.
                I LUV IPad!
                • Lisa A.
                  I buy these every year and trade coupons to get maximum use out of them. I was interested in purchasing this year's from someone who is fundraising. Any suggestions? Many thanks!