The Coolest Height Chart Ever $26 Shipped @ Anima Causa

The Coolest Height Chart Ever $26 Shipped @ Anima Causa

Growing up is often fun for kids and equal parts heartbreak and relief for parents but tracking height progression is often fun for both. I remember having notches carved into our old-school brown wood trim at my childhood home marking my height milestones (which stopped at about the age of 14 and I never got any taller but that's another story). Well, it's 2016 so there's no going old-school anymore! How about a scratch-off ruler?!

The Grow Up Height Measurement Ruler is a giant scratch-off ruler that tracks your child's height in a fun and colourful way. Like any scratch-off card, it comes grey with black markings. When you scratch off the measurement, it reveals all different colours. Then, you just record the date on the line and you have a cute, fun keepsake that your kiddo helped make. It even looks like a fabric tape measure--complete with a grommet hanger at the top. I can't think of anything cooler.

If you've never shopped at Animi Causa before, they're fantastic. They're actually based in Israel so shipping can take a while (but it will vary). The first time I ordered from them, the package took just over 2 weeks to arrive; the second time it took just over a month. But their stuff is so great and unique, it's worth it--trust me.

Now, note that the prices are in US dollars so this $19.99 ruler will run you about $26 CDN (with current exchange rate) BUT they ship worldwide for free! That's economy shipping, hence the delivery taking a while, but you can pay a few dollars more for higher priority if you so desire.

What do you think of this fun way to track a child's height?


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