The Bouncingbabyboutique Coupon Code: 15% Discount

The Bouncingbabyboutique Coupon Code: 15% Discount


The Bouncingbabyboutique is a small Canadian boutique that sells.. you guessed it.... baby items! They're based out of BC, but ship Canada wide. They've sent the Bargainmoosers an exclusive coupon code for a 15% discount at their online store.

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  • CouponCode: Moose15
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expires: 16th May 2011

Having had my baby for 11 months now, there are so many products that I am now aware of that I had never before contemplated. For example, check out this Gro Anywhere Blind which they sell on The Bouncing Baby Boutique. I bought one of these when I had my baby, as I thought it was a great idea. It's basically a portable blackout blind which sticks on pretty much any window. I've used it quite a few times when staying over at family, or even in my own spare room during the bright summer, when family was staying over.

I've also got one of these wean machines. It has been very handy as I am trying to give my baby home cooked food all the time, without using processed food very much at all. It's almost like a large over-sized yellow garlic press, but it does a good job of crushing baby's food.

I find these fleece baby carrier covers pretty hilarious. They're a good idea in principle, but it looks like there is a baby's head growing out of your chest or your back.


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