The Bay Canada: Le Creuset 4.9L Rectangular Roaster $139.99 (Was $380)

The Bay Canada: Le Creuset 4.9L Rectangular Roaster $139.99 (Was $380)


As a special Easter deal, The Bay Canada is offering the Le Creuset 4.9L Enameled Cast Iron Rectangular Roaster for only $139.99, originally priced at $380. The roaster comes in blue.

I am having a heart attack as I write this deal because Le Creuset is a cast iron god! Their cast iron cookware with enamel coating is some of the best cookware out there and I dream of owning a piece or maybe two. This boy has some heft to it: this is cast iron we are talking about. It is around a 10 x 16" pan (25x40 cm) and would fit a good family size lasagna, casserole, or roast with all the fixings.

I did price compare this lovely beast with a few places. Household China Canada has the roaster (in red) on sale for $236. Williams Sonoma had the 'best' price of the competitors at $185.53 plus $10 for shipping but they will not ship Le Creuset into Canada. Cookworks Canada was the most expensive at $285. No matter where I looked, The Bay Canada certainly has the best deal. I am pretty sure this will sell out quickly because it is such a good deal.

Get free shipping on this item because it costs over $99.

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  • lennypuz
    I have a coupon code for the bay as well. CEBK820 for an EXTRA $20 off a $100 the total will come to $135.59 with tax, how awesome is that?!
    • lennypuz
      • lennypuz
        I don't know why my messages aren't working...but I tried sharing a coupon code CEBK820 for an extra $20 off of this for you all.
        • Avigayil M.
          Got it! But I tried it out today and it wouldn't work for me. Maybe it is a one time use coupon?