The Bay Canada: Lacoste Robes Now $88 (Was $110)

The Bay Canada: Lacoste Robes Now $88 (Was $110)


The Bay Canada has a nice little deal on Lacoste bath robes which are just perfect for snuggling into, whether you have had a bath or not. Originally $110, these robes are now on sale for $88.

There are three robes to choose from. The Smash Robelooks to be designed for women and is a one size fits all. It comes in either white or pink and has the famous Lacoste logo embroidered on the shoulder.

The Casual Pique Unisex Robe is designed for either sex and has the Lacoste logo on the front breast. It has a cool 'piping' design on the body and comes in either navy or white. Again, this is a one size fits all robe, so they are made with a good amount of material to snuggle up in.

Last but not least, the Mens Textured Terry Robe is also on sale. It has a mini-square textural design which makes it different from the others. It is a one size fits all robe yet again, and I encourage any women who like their robes over-sized to not be afraid to order this. It comes in black or white. These would make a great gift idea for a certain Father's Day coming up.

Between the three robes you have your choice of black, white, navy, or pink. The Bay Canada offers free shipping on orders of $49 when you pay with your HBC Card.

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