The Bay Canada: Dinnerware, Flatware & Stemware Sales up to 40% Off

The Bay Canada: Dinnerware, Flatware & Stemware Sales up to 40% Off

From now until 28th June, The Bay Canada has everything you need for your dining room table at a fraction of the price.  Save up to 40% on flatware, dinnerware and stemware.

The Bay has beautiful dinnerware, glassware and flatware at affordable sale prices on right now, if you are someone that is looking to build or add to an existing collection.

There are the three great dining-ware sales that are going on right now:

We were lucky enough to get all of our nice dishes as wedding gifts but I know a lot of people who weren't as lucky.  I have a lot of friends that opted out of registering for nice dinnerware and glassware and are starting to build their collection because they see how they actually need it now.  This is the type of sale that you want to be looking for if you are in the same boat.

My best advice if you are looking to buy nice dinnerware, is to go for something like this Truffle Collection on sale because it is very neutral.  The reason I say buy neutral is because when you buy something trendy, the trend will end and you will be left with something that looks old and out of date.  When you buy something more neutral, you can use it time and time again and chances are you won't want to hide it away and get new dishes. You can always add a funky dish or glass to your neutral set to keep it trendy which is far less expensive!

(Expiry: 28th June 2012)


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