The Bay Canada: Beach Towel Sale

The Bay Canada: Beach Towel Sale


Check out sale prices on Beach Towels at The Bay Canada right now and prepare for summer!

I went to The Bay last night in search of a good Beach Towel. Beach Towels are my preferred pool side towel for when I swim, and since I am taking up swimming again (go me) I was in need of a replacement for my previous well-worn and now nine-year old towel. Beach towels may not be the softest, but I like them for their durability, and for the scrub down they give while drying me off. Last night I bought the Lacoste Crocodegrede Beach Towel that was $29 and is now $15.40.

There are a bunch of other beach towels on sale and I must say the online selection is much better than the in store selection. I just bought in store because I am jetting in three days and didn't have time to wait for a shipment to come in. This Hudson's Bay Company Beach Towelranks amoung my favourites because I have always loved the HBC colour pattern. Originally $40, it is now on sale for $25.

The Distinctly Home Tiddly Dots Beach Towelis on sale from $29 down to $20.30. I am a sucker for dots, so this also would have been a contender if it wasn't for the Lacoste towel being so cheap.

Be sure to use your HBC Card to get free shipping on orders of $45.

(Expiry: 1st May 2014)


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