The Bay Canada: 25%+ Off Men's Swimwear

The Bay Canada: 25%+ Off Men's Swimwear


Looking for a new set of trunks this summer? The Bay Canada is currently hosting a men's swimwear sale so dig out that old suit and investigate it for holes, bleaching, and fabric transparency.

There is nothing like spotting a swimsuit that should have been retired several swims ago. Unfortunately, with the number of chemicals that are in our pools these days, swimsuits wear out, lose their elasticity, and let our fellow swimmers see a little too much. I am not sure if salt water does the same thing, so feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you know.

The same at The Bay will help the gentleman Moosers pick out a new bathing suit. You get 25% off most swimwear excluding Diesel and items ending in $0.99.  This Speedo Tech Boardshort with FLX System was $60 and is now on sale for $39.99. The sale says 25% off but I own a calculator and it says that is 33.3% off.

These Point Zero Board Shorts are also a good option for swimmers and surfers alike. Originally $50, they are now on sale for $37.50. Both the Point Zero and the Speedo above are pretty long in the leg. If you are shorter or like a more fitted look then try out the Metro Volley Short which I certainly prefer over the board short. Originally $46, they are now on sale for $34.50.

Get free shipping on orders of $99 or more, or only $49+ with your HBC Card.

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