Tetley Tea Canada – Great Idea For Tea Canisters!

Tetley Tea Canada – Great Idea For Tea Canisters!

Here’s a really nice idea from Tetley.ca. When you have finished with your old tea canisters, don’t toss them in the trash. Go to the Tetley Canadian website, and design some labels to cover them up and make them look nice! Tetley sum it up quite nicely:

“When you’re done with your Tetley brew, you can create something brand new.”

There are some nice Christmassy designs, and some for any other time of the year. There’s even a piggy design which you could use to turn the tea canister into a money box!

These would even be a great idea to print out and do some arts and crafts with the kiddies. They are handy containers for bits and bobs too.


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  • tina
    I am trying to find this on the Tetley website and can't seem to locate it. can you send me the link to the specific area where the labels are? Thnx.
    • Tammy
      I know they use to have these but for some reason they no longer have it there. I tried e-mailing them but they are not good at replying to e-mails.