Teroforma Whiskey For Two Tumblers & Stones $19 @ Well.ca

Teroforma Whiskey For Two Tumblers & Stones $19 @ Well.ca

It must be Happy Hour by now! After a long week, I'm sure lots of us are counting down the minutes to the weekend and a nice cold beverage. Especially one that isn't watered down!

Well.ca has these amazing Teroforma Whiskey for 2 - Whiskey Stones & Tumbler Sets on sale for over 60% off at $19 from $48.96.

While they may be called Whiskey Stones, they aren't just for whiskey in my world. I use them for anything I don't want watered down with ice cubes, be that wine, spirits, iced tea or iced coffee!

Super easy to store in the freezer and rinse dry when done. This set comes with 2 tumbler glasses and 6 stones in total. They will instantly cool your favourite drinks and last forever.

This set makes a great Mother's or Father's Day, Birthday or even Groomsmen's Gift at this price! I paid much more for the ones I bought them at Christmas time and they were a huge hit.

Cheers to the weekend & cold drinks!


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