Tees & More From $7.82 Clearance Sale @ American Eagle Outfitters

Tees & More From $7.82 Clearance Sale @ American Eagle Outfitters

AEO (American Eagle Outfitters) covers duties for you when you order online, so you'll only have to pay the usual HST and GST that you're accustomed to! I also love that the prices are in CAD currency.

Typically I don't like to pay for shipping if I can help it, and AEO offers free shipping if your order is over $50 USD which is the equivalent of around $65.26 CAD. When you're viewing your cart at checkout, it's easy to see if you have spent enough to qualify for the free shipping.

Starting at the clearance section (in the link above) will give you the lowest prices. This AEO Denim Jacket is on sale for $39.14 down from $78.29. The rips in it are something you'll be seeing a lot of in jeans as well this fall.

Isn't this washed blue AEO Hi-Neck Tulip Back Tank gorgeous?! The sale price is $16.41, down from $39.11 and is available in all sizes as of this writing. I want to see what it looks like with the denimn jacket, above.

You can buy an AEO Graphic Icon T-Shirt as low as $7.82 that is reg. priced at $20.83. It's a refreshing colour and a classic look that's suitable to wear anywhere you go. It states on it, 'Live Your Life.' Great sentiments!

We still have several weeks of summer weather, and this AEO Soft & Sexy Strappy Tank is the best! The price is fantastic, it's on sale for $11.71, down from $23.44.

It looks to me like that smart looking denim jacket is calling my name - see how it is that all of the shirts I love would totally match the jacket? It was meant to be.

Remember, you'll only be paying the regular GST and HST for taxes when you check out. No hidden customs or duty fees. I noticed when I had only the denim jacket in my cart, I'd be paying around $20 for shipping, though if I ordered only the jacket. This is definitely the kind of deal where you will want to create an order for over $65.26 CAD ($50 USD) as previously mentioned.


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