TeamBuy Canada: $19 For 3 Months Of Video Game Rentals From GameAccess Canada

TeamBuy Canada: $19 For 3 Months Of Video Game Rentals From GameAccess Canada


Are you still renting games from Blockbuster? No, you aren't, because they shut down. Know who didn't shut down? GameAccess. Access your games for three months for only $19 with TeamBuy!

GameAccess Canada knows how to time a deal. People are buying PS4s and xBox Ones by the bucket load, and they aren't going to stop until Christmas kicks our doors in and invades our homes like a gang of thugs. What do you need with a new console? Games. What is worse than buying a new game and hating it? Only buying a new game and hating it after dropping $400 to $500 on a new console, that's what! So, instead of worrying about getting a game you don't like or worse, getting a game your kids don't like, pick up this deal from Team Buy. It's a great gift idea for the console gamers on your list, too!

This isn't even a Black Friday deal, but it's still awesome. You get three months of and access to their "Reserve a Game" service. Reserve a game, curiously enough, lets you reserve a game. I'll elaborate ever so slightly. Basically, if they are out of a really hot game, you can put your name on an upcoming copy. They'll even tell you how many people there are in front of you. As for the service itself, you can rent a game for as long as you want. They send it to you along with a return envelope. When you're done, you just send them the game and they send you the next on on your list. The service costs $17.95/month, and the Reserve a Game feature is $2.99. That's $20.94/month. You get three months worth for only $19 instead of $62.82. Once your three months is up, your subscription will auto-renew, so if you don't want it after the terms of this deal, cancel it before it runs out.

(Expires: 1st December 2013)


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