$37 for a Fully Customized Dress Shirt (M or F) from ($85 Value) $37 for a Fully Customized Dress Shirt (M or F) from ($85 Value) has a deal where you only pay $37 for a Fully Customized Men's or Ladies' Dress Shirt from ($85 Value). This includes shipping and taxes. The deal can be found as a side deal in the York Region.

I ordered one of these vouchers, and my husband font one as well. The customizing options are excellent.

For a women's shirt:

  • Choose fabric (silk/poly, cotton)
  • choose style
  • choose collar, cuffs - fabric for them
  • thread colour for button holes
  • can get your shirt monogramed
  • and more!

For men's shirts:

  • Choose pocket
  • choose cut of shirt
  • fabric
  • choose type of collar (like 6 choices)
  • choose style of button row
  • thread colour
  • cuff style (1 button, 2 button, 1 cufflink, 2 cufflink, etc!)
  • and more!

The customization options are endless and totally wicked. You also measure yourself and send them your measurements so that you get your shirt in your perfect size. No fitting into 'standard' sizes. You can buy 1 voucher for yourself and give a few as gifts. The vouchers can be used as soon as the 4th of December, 2011 but have to be used by the 28th of December, 2011.

I am SO looking forward to designing my own shirt!


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