Target Canada: $25 off PS4 Games! (In-Store)

Target Canada: $25 off PS4 Games! (In-Store)


Go to your local Target and kiss the first employee you see right on the mouth! Or smile at them and nod politely. Then go get PS4 games for $35 at Target Canada!

The deal is on the first page of the flyer.

Aaaargh! I'm so mad! I'm super poor right now (actually, I always am, it's just worse right now) and I really want to spend money on video games. I probably shouldn't though. For all you PS4 owning people with video game money in the budget right now, make sure you head on out to Target and see what they have for sale.

It says selected titles and has three games in the flyer but I've heard it's every game. Not 100% sure though. Regardless, the three games they have in the flyer are:

  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall

All the games are $25 off the usual $59.99. You're picking these up for $34.99. That's a fantastic deal for brand new console games! If I had the money right now I'd instantly pick up a copy of Battlefield 4 but I'm the dummy who made a budget. Darn me and my responsibility.

(Expires: 8th February 2014)


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